When we look up into the night sky, almost every one of us is filled with awe as to the immense possibilities of what could be out there. New stars, galaxies, planets … even the very real possibility of life. There are a billion, billion opportunities, so rich in ways in which it can influence our understanding of everything around us.

Education is no different. We are surrounded by hundreds of millions of people teaching and learning from each other, all filled with possibilities. Each one capable of creating beautiful works of art, of compassion, of understanding, all with the possibility of changing the world.

Instructors hold a special place in that cosmos. They are the guiding stars that help fuel the imagination to create, to build, to communicate, to partner. It is little wonder that instructors are innovators themselves, seeking out new worlds, new frontiers, and new opportunities for learning, as well as teaching. They are, in a word, stellar. Not necessarily because they want to be, but because they have to be.

Every day is a new universe of challenges, bringing together people of diverse skills and ideas. Whether it is language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, or a host of other subject areas, instruction today is not simply about book learning.

It is about experiencing.
It is about reflecting.
It is about doing.

It is about learning to be Stellar in ways that build creative and critical thinkers of the future. These are lifelong learners, capable of building galaxies filled with diverse worlds that blend people, processes, and technology.

VWBPE invites you to bring us a piece of the worlds of possibilities, innovation, and thought you create, whether it is in areas of instruction, programming, graphic arts, storytelling, design, or research. All subject areas and virtual worlds that support learning and development are welcome.

Please join us at the 13th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference, and together, we can shine a light on what is stellar in virtual education today.

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