Are you ready to have FUN? Are you ready to MAKE SOME NOISE? Are you ready to try things in Second Life® that you have only dreamed of doing in Real Life?

Then, you will want to be sure to save the dates and times for all of the social events at this year’s Virtual Worlds Best Practices In Education (VWBPE17) Legacy Conference.

The VWBPE Conference is excited to present attendees with opportunities to meet other educators in an informal environment while exploring Second Life and having fun. Social activities before, during, and after the conference add to the professional connections we make, encouraging networking with friends and colleagues, both new and old, from around the world.

Beatles - Under the SeaThis year the VWBPE social activities offer creative, fun events that take advantage of what is not possible in real life but is easy in a virtual world. For example, you will have a chance to swim as a mermaid or merman, fly off a mountain top on a hang glider, visit the Octopus’s Garden Palladium under the sea, jump on the Legacy Party Barge and tour the conference venue from a different perspective. You will not want to miss our opening and closing Lightning Productions Legacy tribute concert performances of the music of Bob Dylan with The Band, and the Beatles.

The kick-off of this exciting conference takes place with the Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Gateway, featuring classical piano music provided by Ari (arisia.vita). We encourage you to grab your swag bag and explore the exhibits. There will be many opportunities to appreciate some of SL’s best performers, including the The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow Circus and the renowned Ballet Pixelle.

In addition, we have the Legacy Party Barge doing excursions of the sims and two exciting rides on the social sim, one which will take you underwater to explore the beauty Under the Sea.

Please plan to join us for some wonderful social events that will be both fun and interesting. Our social schedule is below. You can also view the entire conference calendar on this page.

Wednesday, March 29th

11:00 am SLT
Exhibit Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Piano music provided by Ari (arisia.vita)
Exhibits open!

3:00 pm SLT
The Freewheelin’ Electric Tambourine Man Parade
From the lighthouse across a bridge to the social sim.
Be sure to check your swag bag for your tie dye t-shirt!

3:30 pm SLT
Lightning Production’s Bob Dylan and The Band Tribute Concert.
Join us in the Social Building!

Thursday, March 30th

5:00 am SLT
Good Morning, VWBPE!
Join us to explore the social sim together.

12:00 Noon SLT
Machinima with Gridjumper (tanya.smedley)
Come sit around our unusual fish pond and learn more about the art of making movies in virtual and digital game environments.

4:00 pm SLT
VWBPE Legacy Party Barge Excursion
Relax and tour the whole VWBPE Conference by water with us.

Friday, March 31st

6:00 am SLT
Good Morning, VWBPE!
Another chance to explore the social sim together.
Plenty of opportunities for photos and fun!

12:00 Noon SLT
Lunchtime Concert
Telima (Diamond Spiritor) will entertain us in the Social Building.

2:00 pm SLT
Under The Sea, Under The Sea…
Join your friends and snorkel or be a mermaid with us!
There are free outfits available “Under the Sea”!

6:00 pm SLT
Ballet Pixelle Second Performance of Phylogeny
This is a repeat performance to encourage smaller crowds.

Saturday, April 1st

7:00 am SLT
Good Morning, VWBPE!
Your last chance to come and play on the social sim with us!
If you haven’t been swimming like a mermaid yet, please come join us!

1:00 pm SLT
The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow Circus
This show is full of surprises, you won’t want to miss it!

5:00 pm SLT
KJJeff Kohn Pre-Closing Concert
Enjoy the music of SL singer KJJeff Kohn in the Main Auditorium.

6:00 pm SLT
VWBPE Legacy 2017 Closing Ceremony
Come contemplate your experiences and learnings during this GREAT conference.

7:00 pm SLT
The Beatles Tribute Concert in The Octopus’s Garden Palladium
Lightning Productions presents a tribute concert to The Beatles in our special Octopus’s Palladium Venue complete with the famous Yellow Submarine.

8:00 pm SLT
Dance The Night Away with DJ Coz OKelly
End the 2017 VWBPE conference while DJ Coz keeps the party hopping!

Don’t Forget!

Still Seeking Volunteers!
Elli Pinion would like to hear from more volunteers. Specifically needed are Hosts, Technical Support and Stream Team. Sign up here!

There’s Still Time: Above the Book
If you would like to participate in the Above the Book interviews with Bernhard Drax (SL: Draxtor Despres) and Ebbe Altberg (SL: Ebbe Linden), you can go to this page to submit your questions.

Save the Date! VWBPE Pre-Conference Gala March 16, 2017
This is the occasion to collectively thank the sponsors of the VWBPE 2017 Conference. This social event has a St. Patrick’s Day theme – come in green, ready to show our appreciation with fun and laughter!