One week after the tenth annual VWBPE Legacy conference, it isn’t over yet. What can you do until April 23?

Immersive Experiences

Attend an immersive experience.
Discover and learn new things!
See the VWBPE calendar.

VWBPE Exhibits Map

Visit the Exhibits and find some surprises,
freebies, and unexpected resources.
See the map and legend.

Keys to Legacy Quest Start

Attempt the Keys to Legacy Quest
in the Underwater Cave Systems.
Start at the giant key.
Can you find all ten keys?

Legacy Quest Exhibit

Take a final nostalgic turn through the Legacy Area
by sharing your own memories,
looking for the augmented reality features or
take a shot at a HUD-driven mini-quest.
Start here – the information boards will give you instructions.

What Else Can You Do?

Consider submitting to the VWBPE 2018 Science Fair. See more here:

Take more pictures of the stunning builds in the VWBPE Regions, and upload them to VWBPE’s Flickr group pool. Walk, sail, but don’t fly, or you will miss some of the details that can only be appreciated while taking a placid stroll. Bring your groups and organizations on a tour! They will not be disappointed.

Complete our post-conference survey to help us break even more ground at VWBPE 2018 VRevolutions.
Link to Survey: