Conference Etiquette


Your experience in an immersive environment may seem similar to the real thing, but there are certain differences. For example, there’s the ability to fly or teleport. On occasion this can lead to unintentional interruptions in a program that you would never experience in a real-world setting. Following some general guidelines is just common sense and good practice. Plus it makes the conference a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

If any of the following behaviors are observed by the conference organizers and are disruptive to the presentation, your avatar may be ‘sent home’ until the issue can be addressed, regardless of whether the act was unintentional or not. This is to ensure that all participants can enjoy the conference. If this happens, please contact a greeter at the main VWBPE Gateway and they can help you sort out the disruptive problems so that you can rejoin the conference.


It is always good etiquette to ensure that you have your microphone turned off during presentations. If a microphone is left on it can cause feedback and everyone around you will be able to hear what is going on near your computer. The only microphones that should be on are those for the presenter, moderator, and/or if you are invited to speak a question (typed chat is preferred for Q&A). If you turn your mic on to ask a question, please turn it off again as soon as you are done speaking.

Flying or Walking on the Stage

The stage is for the presenters, please be respectful and do not fly up to or near the stage when it is being used for a presentation.

Changing Clothes

If you want to change clothes, please either use the “replace outfit” feature or leave the immediate area if you haven’t mastered doing this without getting naked.

Civil Language

While the regions may be rated for General Audiences, some presentations may contain more mature themes. Regardless, the organizers expect the language used before, during, and after a presentation to be civil. The conference has a non-discrimination policy which will be enforced.

Heavily Scripted Objects

Also, in recognition of sim load and to maximize the number of avatars we can have on a sim, VWBPE requests that all attendees attempt to minimize their land impact. Heavy use of mysti-tools, scripted bling / accessories, and other non-essentials should be turned off or put away so as to decrease the load on the servers.