2012 Exemplary Awards

Exemplary Volunteer Award for 2012

Over the past 5 years of best practices, in each conference:

  • there are those individuals that contribute,
  • there are those individuals that inspire,
  • there are those individuals that enable, and
  • there are those individual that model.

Then there are those volunteers that embody all of these attributes not just in their individual contributions to a cause, but in the way they encourage the hearts and minds of those they work with.

While every one of the over 80 volunteers that have helped bring this conference to you this year are special, the VWBPE Organizational Committee would like to give special recognition to the following individuals who have proven themselves through exemplary contributions to the VWBPE Conference and the community of which we are all a part.

It is our privilege to present the Exemplary Volunteer Award for 2012 to:

  • Aevalle Galicia-Constantine
  • Bluebarker Lowtide
  • Elli Pinion
  • Gridjumper
  • Izzylander.Karu
  • Nia Marquis
  • Orange Planer
  • Serena Offcourse
  • Wolwaner Jervil

These individuals have served on the 5th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference with distinction having earned the respect and admiration of both their peers and the Organization Committee Chairs and Executive. The VWBPE Organization Committee gratefully acknowledges their contribution as being exemplary of the spirit of best practices and the way in which the community can come together to create something wonderful.