Explorations: Inspiration Island

Inspiration Island: Home of the Ageless Mind Project in Second Life
Saturday 11 April 9:00 – 10:30 AM SLT (90 min)
Host: Lissena Wisdomseeker
Inspiration Island, Second Life

Inspiration Island is the home of the Whole Brain Health group, the Community of Creative Elders group, and the nonprofit umbrella organization, the Ageless Mind Project.
We aspire above all to offer visitors an easily accessible, appealing environment where they can learn through actively practicing the kinds of behaviors that contribute to brain health/general well-being across the lifespan (especially beyond the age of 50).

Our target visitors are people, both inworld and outworld, who like to be proactive about their well-being and are open to a holistic lifestyle approach that is supported by current research from Neuropsychology, the Arts, and Gerontology. We want to reach underserved audiences too, people outworld who are isolated by various circumstances and do not have easy access to these kinds of opportunities.

Inspiration Island is a public sim (i.e., we have no private parcels) hosting a community of over 20 residents who have created interactive builds and free programs. Each of these reflects our focus on five major kinds of activities that foster brain health/well-being: Creativity, Cognitive Challenge, Physical Self-Care, Social Relationships, and Meaning and Purpose.

VWBPE Tour Activities:

  • A brief initial description of the sim’s goals and physical organization
  • A tour via a follow-ring to selected parcels that are representative examples of the activities available on the Island.
  • Members of our sim will be present at each stop to introduce visitors to their programs and to demonstrate how each gives visitors different ways to have fun while regularly practicing behaviors that will improve their quality of life.
  • The stops will include music, a hunt, a giant maze, a library of original works, a meditation room, a health park, and more.
  • Demonstration of the developing Merit Badge system, which rewards visitors who return to explore the Island over time. These can be earned by answering questions, solving problems, and attending programs, for example. Virtue is its own reward, they say; but we also give meaningful rewards to those who keep earning new merit badges.
  • It’s important to note that Inspiration Island is a constantly evolving sim as we add layers and levels of richness by incorporating constantly evolving research in this area. The goal of our community is to make this kind of adult educational experience fun, fresh, and truly valuable.

a. You will need to create a Second Life account at secondlife.com
b. Download a Second Life Viewer. Here is the URL to download SecondLife’s default viewer: https://secondlife.com/support/downloads/.