Explorations: Meeting of the Minds Walking Tour

Meeting of the Minds Walking Tour
Thursday 09 April 4:00 – 5:00 PM SLT (60 min)
Host: Natalya Lore (freudianslipped)
Dreamworld Sea, Second Life

The tour around the Meeting of the Minds sim will be conducted in both voice and text chat, starting at the “Welcome Center,” with explanations of how the various areas are used. At Meeting of the Minds we have community discussions, educational lectures and other events.

VWBPE Tour Activities:

  • First, we will head to “The Porch”, an area where members often gather for both formal and informal discussions.
  • From there, we will move on to the Conference Room, where we hold weekly lectures on a variety of topics. The Conference Room is an amazing opportunity for experts in many fields to provide informal education to our community. Lectures in the past have been on subjects like Ebola, Fracking, Feminism, Microbiology, and Video Games.
  • Next up will be the Community Center. This area was modelled after a college “Union” or “Common Area”. Our goal here was to have a space that members of the community can gather informally. There are also desks and areas here that if members wish to study or work, they can sit their avatar down and do just that.
  • After that, we will visit the Games Hut. We have a weekly game session where members can come and relax in a casual environment. We feel that having fun together encourages the community to get to know each other and fosters involvement.
  • From there, we will visit the Campground Area. This is a quiet, wooded area where members can either come for a little bit of seclusion or to have a chat around the fire.
  • Next, we’ll head over to the Community Area. This area includes our Community board, where members can advertise and share projects they are working, their shops and other related venues to the community. At Meeting of the Minds, our goal really is to create a community that supports each other, shares with each other, and learns with each other.
  • Off to the side of the Community Area, is the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse was created for those that wish to have private meetings. This could include, but is not limited to, support groups, special interest groups.
  • Lastly, we have the Fishing Hole. Fishing is a very popular activity in Second Life and we sought to include this area for those that wish to participate in this activity but still wish to remain at Meeting of the Minds for it.

a. You will need to create a Second Life account at secondlife.com
b. Download a Second Life Viewer. Here is the URL to download Second Life’s default viewer: https://secondlife.com/support/downloads/
c. You will need to join the “Meeting of the Minds Community” Group in Second Life. To do this, paste this link into the nearby chat “secondlife:///app/group/99d85883-e9a5-6818-8ce1-5805991cd853/about “, when you do so it will allow you to click the “Meeting of the Minds Community link it creates and then you can join the group. If that is too difficult, you can also teleport to Meeting of the Minds use the pop-up menu in the Welcome Center.

IMPORTANT: There is usually a group fee of 100 Lindens (Second Life Money) to join the group, but there will be no fee two days prior to and the day of the tour. You should be able to join for free during that time period.

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact Natalya Lore (freudianslipped) in Second Life and she will do her best to assist you. You can find her in Second Life by searching her name in the search bar in the viewer.