2012 Awards

VWBPE 2012 Poster and Video Awards

With 40 posters and 30 Machinima to choose from, the competition was stiff with some posters and videos only just squeaking into the top spot. The closeness of the results is high praise to the quality of presentations we had this year. A huge thank-you goes out to all poster and video presenters this year.

As the saying goes however – there can be only one – and for 2012 these are the selections based on peer review and votes submitted by conference attendees.

Poster Awards

Award Title Presenters
Best Example of Educational Practices in a Virtual World Explore the 2012 Maya Island while you have time! Stylianos Mystakidis
Best Interactive Display Musical Odessey Kate Miranda
Best Use of Conference Theme Virtual Pioneers Andrew Wheelock
People’s Choice Senior Project® Center at P4DL, Inc. (K-12) Kathleen Norris

Video Awards

Award Title Presenters
Brave Beginner Testis Ovary Tour Doug Threebeard
Be Epic! Understanding the Holocaust Project Andy Wheelock
Virtual World Outreach Second Life Student Projects for English Composition and Literature Courses at Florida State College at Jacksonville Rawlslyn Francis
Educational Maya Island: a Library Exhibit and Tour Valerie Hill
How-to Massively Minecraft How To: Minecraft Skin by Ninabanina (age 11) JoKay Wollongong
Teen Project M.I.S.T – Minecraft in Schools, Transforming Education! by the Project Mist Team (age 14-15). JoKay Wollongong
Teen Massively Minecraft: Check out what we made! JoKay Wollongong
Digital Storyteller Time Travelers – Episode 4 : The Pattern Russell Boyd,
Pooky Amsterdam &
James Canton
People’s Choice A Year in the Life Russell Boyd &
Pooky Amsterdam